The Northlands is a harsh region made up largely of vast windswept plains, sharp rocky outcroppings, tree covered hills, and tall mountains.

The Northlands stretch south from their northern border of the Winterwood, all the way to the gentle curving route of the River Cyr. The Northlands are the origin of the race of humans called the Amari, and they are the most common variant of folk seen here. This region north of the Moors is cold and harsh most of the year, as are the folk who dwell there. Northlanders have a reason to be grim, for theirs is a long, violent, and turbulent history. The Northlands consists of essentially three distinct regions; the kingdom of Ammarind, the great dark forest of Mystwood, and the region known as the Pale. Ammarind, the furthest western region, is separated from the Pale by the Athlan Myr; the great inland sea. The Pale is separated from Mystwood by the Aeryn River, and is the furthest east of the three regions. Although the region has always been troubled, there are many forces of good to be found. The kingdom of Ammarind has long been a champion of justice in the region, and kept vigil over not only Marundi to its north, but the Pale and Mystwood to its east.