Freehold of Norwald

Capitol: Redmark (population: 63,000)
Population: 98,000 (65% Vaas, 22 % Amari, 12% Aeryn, 1% other)
Demi-humans: 12,000 (64% dwarves, 8% elves, 10% halflings, 18% gnomes)
Humanoids: few
Government: Freehold
Current Leader: Viscount Argus Theed
Coat of Arms: Gold crescent moon and gold sun on blue and red a quartered field.
Exports: gold, iron, stone, magic items, mercenaries

Norwald is, by far, the largest and wealthiest freehold on Corwyn. It is made up of both dwarvish and human settlers, many formerly from the kingdom of Erindar and the dwarvish realm of Orrek.

The Freehold of Norwald is located in the northernmost reaches of the Vast; in the rolling hills near the fork of the Granite and Amari Rivers. Similar to Lakewood; this Freehold was once a colony of Erindar, up until about 300 years ago and it still maintains close ties with its former, mother kingdom. Norwald derives profit from protecting the road between the cities of Arkan Feyr and Marigold, as it passes through the Vast. The folk of Norwald also trade with both the dwarves of Orrek and the humans of Ammarind, which makes the freehold a handsome profit.


Many adventures hail from this freehold as it the closest settlement to the dark region of the Vast that is home to the infamous Temple of Elemental Evil. In fact only a few days march from Redmark is the village of Hommlet. It is common to see parties of brave adventurers set forth from Redmark to lands and quests unknown, but many do not return.

For its protection; Norwald maintains a well-trained, mercenary army of 1,00 heavy cavalry, 500 expert bowmen, and 3,000 heavy infantry, all of whom are lavishly armed and equipped. About 1,500 of these soldiers are garrisoned at Castle Redmark; the remainder are based in several smaller keeps and forts spread throughout Freehold territory. These mercenaries are made up mostly of former Erindari or Ammarindi soldiers. They are well led, well-trained, and extremely loyal to the Viscount of Norwald.

Other settlements in Norwald are Diamond Lake, Hommlet, and Ashford.