Lost City of Nystal

Nystal was a great Kratheri city that was built in the late Third Age and once was an integral part of the lost kingdom of Kerathos.

Nystal was already in ruins when the Thûlians began their conquest of the Kratheri Peninsula in the early Fourth Age. Some sages believe it was a great plague that consumed the people of the city, others say it was an invading force of Üthrari that destroyed the city and carried of its entire population.

Some sages believe that it was attacked by the Hakeen peoples of the Xholar Empire, but no one really knows for sure. In any event, the city was never rebuilt by the Kratheri, the Eldarans, or the Thûlians. It ruins exist as a lonely monument to the ancient Hakeen civilization of the distant past. The ruins are located in a little known pass through the Torak Mountains, and now serve as a northern watch post of Thûle.