(population: 1,200) Oakhurst is a large Eldaran village located in the foothills of the Redpeaks.

Like many rural communities, Oakhurst is quite isolated. Other than the occasion merchant caravan, the town sees few visitors. Because of its proximity to the orc-infested Redpeaks, the entire community is surrounded by a stout wooden palisade, set with several tall watchtowers. The town guard; consisting of 20 militia, is commanded by a veteran soldier named Heff.

About twenty miles outside of town is a desolate region called the "Ashen Plains." Beyond that is the "Ravine," a great fissure in the earth which is avoided by locals, because it is home to the "Sunless Citadel."

Local NPCs

  • Ainsworth: Innkeeper of the Golden Hearth
  • Corky: (Halfling) Blacksmith
  • Delek: Druid
  • Heff: Constable
  • Phelan: shopkeeper
  • Sharwyn: priestess of Karmalok
  • Vernor Lang: Mayor of Oakhurst