Ochio Vhalantru

Ochio Vhalantru is a mysterious, wealthy aristocrat living in Caldera.

Lord Vhalantru appears as an unassuming, pale-skinned, older man with long, blond hair and intense, dark eyes that seem to watch you even when he looks the other way. He wears fine, expertly tailored clothing, favoring deep red and brown tones.

Little is known for certain about Vhalantru; he is rumored to have made his fortune selling gems and precious metals. Some locals believe Ochio is originally from Sasserine, others claim he came from the Free City of Redmark on Corwyn. These rumors are probably based upon the fact that Vhalantru owns large estates in both those cities.

Upon arriving in Caldera several years ago, Vhalantru quickly became close to all of the city's Five Families and other members of the local nobility. For now, he seems happy to keep a casual distance from politics, and the common folk of Caldera neither cherish nor revile him; in fact, most citizens do not know he exists at all.

Vhalantru owns a large home within the city, but spends a great deal of his time at the Golden Sunrise; a local private club popular with the city aristocracy. His only servant is Gortio.

Rhianon Rhivaldi first met Vhalantru shortly after her first adventure; he was an honored guest of her parents, and also seemed friendly with her aunt Thirifane.

She met him again at last year's Demonskar Ball; it was here that the topic of marriage was first brought up. Three months later, Rhianon's Aunt confirmed that Lord Vhalantru was soon to become her betrothed.