Olman Empire

Around 750/3 the Olman began migrating east across the Wyn Myr, from the continent of Za'har. They first settled on several island chains in that region, most importantly, the Isle of Dread. It was there, the Olman established the famous city-state of Thanaclan. Later, the Olman landed on the eastern shores of Avokhar, and began moving inland into the vast Sanjaara Jungle.


For the next several decades the Olman expanded their holdings in the Sanjaara Jungle, establishing seven huge city-states across the continent of Avokhar. Eventually, these seven city-became part of the greater Olman Empire. For several hundred years the Olman Empire endured, its civilization was one of great complexity, wealth, and artistry. The empire eventually crumbled, after decades of civil war, religious strife, and foreign invasions. The Olman Empire was ultimately destroyed by the Eloysian Empire of Sanjakar, whose armies’ invaded Olman territory starting around AR 372 (797/4). The last Olman city-state; Tamoachan, fell to the Eloysians in the year AR 521 (946/4), and the Olman Empire came to an end.

By the end of the Fourth Age, all that remained of the once-great Olman Empire were the ruins of several cities in the Sanjaara Jungle, including the former cities of Alocotla and the capital city of Tamoachan. The only known remnant of the ancient Olman Empire is the small city of Xamaclan located in the remote Olman Islands.