Oramar Confederacy

In the late Third Age, the Oramar Confederacy was an alliance of five large Thannish city-states, located along the Bloody Coast of what is now called the Sea of Orel.

By its very nature, the Confederacy was never a great military power, but was, instead, a wealthy mercantile gpower. The Confederacy was ruled by a powerful group of Thannish nobles known as "Exarchs," who were the predecessors of the present-day Oramar Assembly.

When the armies of Valden the Conqueror marched upon them, the rulers of all five cities wisely submitted to his authority, sparing needless costs in both gold and lives. All five city-states were then peacefully absorbed into the expanding kingdom of Valdor.

The Oramar Confederacy was made up of five member-cities: