(population: 78,000) Ordana is the capitol and largest city of Orel, and the largest seaport on the continent of Corwyn.

Originally, this gigantic city was once the main seaport of the kingdom of Eldara, before the Orellian nobility called the the Oramar, broke away from the kingdom during the Second Eldaran Civil War.

At any given time, a thousand vessels from Al' Kethai, Eldara, Ilsenene, Malvatis, Rhaygos, Styr, the Seven Cities of Brass, and even Yamada lay moored in the city's huge harbor or tied up along one of the hundreds of stone quays and long wooden piers on its waterfront.

For protection of its subjects, the three quarters of the city that borders land have high stone walls, and the harbor side is protected by enormous sea-gates of iron which block any invader’s entry via the Sea of Orel.

Additionally the vast fortress of Castle Arianna overlooks the city from a hill on its northern edge. In addition to marine traffic, the city is accessible via the Oramar Road which connects it to the smaller city of Olthad to the north, and the city of Ormath to the west.

Ordana is the second largest city on the continent, but when one takes into account the average number of visitors to the city, its actual population nearly doubles.

The grand bazaar of Ordana is the largest in the known world, and every known commodity is bought and sold here except slaves; which are outlawed in Orel.

However, slave trading is allowed offshore, so slaver ships tie up offshore and do their grim business within sight of the city walls. The Oramar take a percentage of this trade, of course.


The City of Ordana is currently governed by Grand Duke Eldard Avenhar. Ordana is protected by both a city-guard of 750 foot soldiers, and the elite Iron Eagle Regiment of Kreskan Archers, which numbers 1,200 bowmen.