Order of the Süroth

The Order of the Süroth was a powerful group of evil knights, all of whom were formally paladins of the Ravinian Empire.

The Süroth chose instead to renounce their status as champions of justice and order, and became a band of raiders and murderers. The knights of the Süroth moved their citadel to Erôn-Mored and dwelled there for a time during the period of the kingdom of Süroth. Later, the order was loosely affiliated with Sorimmar, but its primary motivations were for its own gratification and pure love of destruction. Over the last few centuries, most of the Süroth knights were eradicated by the White Alliance, but a few dozen knights escaped to plague the rural areas of Corwyn. The Order’s coat of arms consists of a white skull, with red eyes and fangs, and crossed silver swords, all on a black field.