Order of Venhazzi

The Order of Venhazzi is an extremely powerful sect of Vilzari priests who worship their Moon-God; Velok.

The priests and priestesses of Venhazzi were instrumental in forging the present-day nation of Vilzar.

It was their clerics who first ordered the rebuilding of the great Pyramid of Velok in the center of An-Khara, and dedicating the newly built pyramid to Velok; their chosen deity.

Once the pyramid was completed, the members of the order consolidated all political power in the region, and have held onto that power until the present day.

The rebuilt pyramid was no longer meant to honor Marzok, but instead to honor his brother Velok. This was a fundamental change in the religious hierarchy in this desert region.

The Venhazzi priesthood also began the dark practice of human sacrifices to appease Marzok's fury and protect the Vilzari from his wrath. This practice has continued into the present day.

Today, only the most fiercely loyal and trusted members of the Order are allowed access into the temple-pyramid, and their fanatical members guard its secrets and treasures with their lives.


All priests of the Order of Venhazzi wear ornate, golden masks, over their gold and sable robes. Members of the Order wear copious amounts of jewelry and cover their bodies with tattoos; the complexity of the tattoos designates their rank in the Order.