The Orem

The Orem are a large Thannish ethnic subgroup, who make up the majority of Orel's population.

The Orem people date back to the Third Age, where they migrated to the coastal regions along the Sea of Orel. Once there they settled there, they founded five large city-states which eventually became known as the "Orem Confederacy."

The Confederacy was eventually defeated by Valden the Conqueror, and absorbed into the Kingdom of Valdor. Centuries later, when Valdor collapsed, the lands of the former Confederacy became part of Eldara.

Today, the Orem people make up a significant Eldaran minority.

Oremish Terms

The Orem people speak a dialect of Thannish called "Oremish." Several important terms are listed below:

Oran: a type of long white grass
Orel: "the gathering place"
Ordan: "where the water meets the sea," the name of the city of Ordana is derived from this term
Orm: "place of winds," the name of the city of Ormath is derived from this term
Oramar: "Wise-man" or "elder," the Oramar Assembly is derived from this term.