The Orenthir (Orenstone)

The Orenthir; commonly called the "Orenstone;" was the most powerful magical artifact ever created by the Council of Sorcerë.

The Orenstone was named for the both fiery planet of Orenia and Mount Orendren. The stone was approximately eight inches in diameter, finished in bright silver mirrored glass.

When activated, however, the orb would begin to give off heat and a strong bluish-white light that could temporarily blind anyone nearby, other than the user.

The orb was the most powerful magical artifact ever created by the Saar, and its powers were legendary. Even using the powers of the Var-Illümen, the Orenthir still took centuries to create in the vast furnaces below the Saar’s fortress of Erôn-Mystarë, and once completed, it was placed in hiding to await the "Prophecy of the Raven."

Long before, Thromm the Invoker foresaw that a powerful magical stone would be the birthright of the chosen leader of the united West. He foretold that the stone would be used to build and unite, and would grant the leader long life. The Orenthir was completed in the year 320/4, and sat hidden in the fortress of the Saar Council for the next 900 years.

When the young Princess Ravinia Myrnäe of Alveron came of age and prepared for the trials, she was seen to have the birthmark of a bird, confirming another of Mischa’s prophecies. The young princess went through many trials and tests and proved to the Council she was the chosen one. After the Unification Wars ended, Ravinia was granted the right of the Orenthir at an elaborate coronation ceremony that marked the birth of her Empire as well.

The young Empress never aged a day once she took the orb into her possession, and used the device for great works, and to give her vision, wisdom, and knowledge. The orb focused the will of Empress Ravinia to achieve her desires, and as such, acted as magnification device. The Orenthir was used to help build the great city of Arynäe, and its powers cast spells and charms that strengthened the fifty-foot walls of that city. The orb was also used for other Imperial public projects such as dams, roads, castles, and to preserve crops, heal the sick, and cure disease.

The Orenthir was kept in the possession of the Empress until the advent of the War of the Cataclysm. Ravinia was betrayed and murdered by Lord Malachar Vilmartine, one of her senior knights and advisors. Malachar then stole the Orenthir and escaped from the Imperial palace of Castle Myrdon. He then turned the orb over to Sorimmar.

With such an evil spirit wielding such a powerful artifact, the Saar had to act quickly. The entire council came out of hiding and seclusion and met Sorimmar on the field of Harkalad. The eight remaining Saar used the combined power of their Saar stones and their arcane skills to temporarily negate the power of the Orenthir. The orb implicitly cooperated with the Saar, and lost its powers.

King Elrovar Myrnäe III was then able to cut the orb from the hand of Sorimmar and reclaim it for the West. Ultimately the Battle of Harkalad went ill for the western alliance, and Elrovar was forced to make a terrible decision regarding the great orb. He rode from the battle pursued by the Zûl, and cast the stone into the great Falls of Herthmar, and was slain shortly thereafter.

The Orenthir was lost to the world for the next 1,200 years. But recently, the stone was found by some fishermen on the Serinda Isle. It was then taken into custody by the Veiled Society, but a Magister named Varanthis Melzec stole the stone, so he could have it for himself.

He then hid away in an abandoned fortress of Castlemuir and began to research the orb’s powers in a plan to use the Orenthir to conquer the West.