Battle of Orgorod

(252/3) Orgorod was the site of the climactic battle which ended the Gauth War.

The battle began when Alokkair sent a massive army of orcs and Gauth armies of Alokkair to capture Erôn-Mystarë and destroy the Saar Council.

In this conflict, the Council was aided by the races of dwarves and elves.

The Dwarven Kings of all five clans marched their armies to the east; three of these five Dwarven leaders would fall during the battle.

Two others; King Grimbold Inorlaiken and Mord the Sword survived.

All three races of Elves answered the call and suffered heavy losses that day. All three leaders of the elf armies were slain in the battle.

The battle was horribly costly; 15,000 dwarves and 25,000 elves were slain that day, as well as over 100,000 Gauth and orcs.

Alokkair’s army was completely annihilated and there was not one living foe on the field when darkness fell. The Saar, and the Synfari believed for many years to come that Alokkair had been slain in the battle, for he was seen in close combat with the Elves and received many wounds.

Alas, Alokkair was not slain but had feigned death until nightfall, when he escaped the funeral pyres where so many thousands of his servants were piled. Alokkair slipped away badly wounded and without weapons or magic

It was for this defeat that Alokkair swore to destroy both the races of northern dwarves and the Wood-Elves.

Because of the huge cost in lives paid in this battle, the Saar later gave nine Silvarils to the elves and five Val-Khûra to the Dwarves out of gratitude for their aid against Alokkair.

The three Dwarven leaders slain:


The three Elven leaders slain: