Battle of Orgorod

Fierce battle in 252/3, when the orc and Gauth armies of Alokkair attempted to capture Erôn-Mystarë and destroy the Saar council. The Saar council was aided by both the races of dwarves and elves. All five Dwarf clans marched an army to the east, including King Grimbold Inorlaiken and another led by Mord the Sword. Three of these five Dwarven leaders would fall during the battle. All three races of Elves answered the call as well. The Elves also suffered heavy losses that day. All three leaders of the elf armies were slain on that day. It is beloved that as many as 15,000 dwarves, 20,000 elves, and 20,000 men fought here to save the council, and 2/3rds of them were slain. Nearly 100,000 Gauth and orc warriors were killed as well.

Alokkair’s army was completely annihilated and there was not one living foe on the field when darkness fell. The Saar, and the Synfari believed for many years to come that Alokkair had been slain in the battle, for he was seen in close combat with the Elves and received many wounds. Alas, Alokkair was not slain but had taken another form and feigned death until nightfall, he escaped the funeral pyres where so many thousands of his servants were piled. Alokkair slipped away badly wounded and without weapons or magic

It was for this defeat that Alokkair swore to destroy both the races of northern dwarves and the Wood-Elves.

The battle was very costly, causing the deaths of three Dwarf-Kings: Theron Redbeard of Khûrzhad, Kelthor Hammerhand of Urkhar, and Vorlag the Venerable of Azkar. Also slain in the battle were Elf-Kings Meleraf Ekryie of Melinarë and Ectharion Liëflynne of Thekarë, as well as the elvish prince Arkelion Alessarë of Wyntharë.

Because of the huge cost in lives paid in this battle, the Saar later gave powerful magical Silvarils to the elves and Elatir to the Dwarves in thanks for their aid against Alokkair.