City-State of Oriad

Capital: Oriad
Total Population: 75,000 (99% human; of 80% Eloysian, 15% Verassi, 5% other)
City Population: 46,000 (living within the walls)
Government: Monarchy
Current Leader: Calipha Tahira Avraash
Coat of Arms: three gold lions on a Black, White, & Red field
Exports: Salt, minerals, crystals, potions

Oriad is a small city-state, located in a secluded valley of the Slumbering Mountains, at the northern edge of the Salt Sea.

Oriad derives much of its trade via barges that traverse the thick shallow salt-water. Oriad is not as wealthy as other cities on Azoria, and derives much of its meager profits from the trade in salt, rare minerals and magic potions and elixirs.

Local History

In the early days of the Eloysian Empire, Oriad was a powerful regional kingdom, ruled by King Tarxian. King Tarxian foolishly defied Queen Lorica for several years and violated the treaties she has set forth. When the young Emperor Al'Dur came to power, Tarxian believed he could crush the so-called "boy-king" and destroy the power of Eloysia.

Thus began the Tarxian Wars in the year AR 003. Al'Dur's armies swiftly defeated the armies of Oriad. In the year AR 006, King Tarxian was slain at the Battle of Khamesh and later that same year, his city was captured and sacked by the Eloysians. After the Tarxian Wars, Oriad remained a loyal subject of the Eloysian Empire for nearly two millennia. Even after the fall of the empire, the city has never again been a great power.