(pop; 600) Orlane is a large human settlement located in the Reach.

The Village of Orlane grew out of a stop for merchant caravans travelling between the settlements of Hochloch and Hookhill. The Village was surrounded by excellent farmland to the east, and was only hemmed in by the swampy region of the Rushmoors to the South.

As the small town grew, followers of Karmalok erected a great temple there, which became a focal point for many local pilgrims and other devotees of the God of Agriculture. Sadly, over the past year, Orlane has been in decline. Many residents have packed up their possessions and moved to other areas, mostly for unknown reasons.

Several inhabitants have simply disappeared, leaving many fields untended and overgrown. No one seems to know the reasons behind this decay, but everyone seems to agree that Orlane is dying.

Note: This Village is the setting for the Dungeons & Dragons Module NI: "Against the Cult of the Reptile God"


1. Farmhouse (Hewitt)
2. Farmhouse (Grover; Militia leader)
3. Militia Barracks
4. Farmhouse (Noel)
5. Weaver's Shop (Galen)
6. the Golden Harp (Innkeep is Bertram)
7. Money-changer (Haskal)
8. Stables (Gabe)
9. Farmhouse (Dorian)
10. Manor House (Mayor Zakarias Ormond)
11. Tailor Shop (Myron)
12. Trading Post (Nylas)
13. Farmhouse
14. Carpentry Shop
15. Blacksmith
16. the Foaming Mug
17. Abandoned Farmhouse
18. Farmhouse
19. Farmhouse
20. Farmhouse (Merrilee)
21. Temple to Karmalok
22. Farmhouse
23. Farmhouse (Clayborne)
24. Abandoned Farmhouse
25. the Slumbering Serpent (Dahlia)
26. the Mill (Kenton)
27. Stone Tower (Ramis)