(population: 43,000) Ormath is the third largest city of the realm of Orel, located at the northern mouth of the Gulf of Alesard.

Ormath is another of the great seaports of Orel, and although it is smaller than its sister cities, is famous for its fishing industry and its raucous nightlife in the red light district. An Orellian naval squadron is based here as well.

Ormath was once destroyed by fire when attacked by a combined fleet of Thûlian and Üthrari warships during the War of the Broken Crown, but was significantly rebuilt after the war. It is rumored that the ghost of King Bryce Zheren still patrols the waterfront to warn its people of danger.

Ormath is accessible by sea and via the Oramar Road, which connects it to the capital of Ordana to the east and the city of Morathad to the west. Off shore from this city is the famous Herakan Reef, site of a terrible battle long ago, during the Forgotten War.

The seaport of Ormath is currently governed by Grand Duke Orlen Accardi.