Orsini Dynasty

The Orsini Dynasty was the line descendants of King Eldred, who succeeded the throne of Erindar in 32/6, after the forced abdication of Queen Elwyn and her Dynasty following the War of Succession.

The House of Orsini ruled Erindar for 391 years and a total of eighteen monarchs sat on the Ivory Throne at the Cordova Palace. The corruption of the Erindari court and associated political chaos plagued the Orsini Dynasty for the remainder of its existence, and the family grew progressively more and more tyrannical and corrupt.

The Orsini Dynasty ended in 423/6 when King Estris II was slain during the Halberon Uprising, and was succeeded by King Heremmer Halberon. The few remaining members of the House of Orsini were soon exiled to either Ammarind or Serathyr.

The eighteen Orsini monarchs of Erindar are listed below:

Eldred 32-69/6
Eromir 69-83/6
Edros 83-116/6
Estris 116-125/6 †
Eradan 125-141/6
Edrenn 141-172/6
Eldred II 172-208/6
Eromir II 208-223/6
Edros II 223-269/6
Ezgur 269-289/6
Eldred III 289-294/6 †
Endacil II 294-302/6
Edros III 302-330/6
Ezgur II 330-354/6
Edrenn II 354-376/6
Eradan II 376-392/6
Eduard 392-415/6 †
Estris II 415-423/6 †