Margrave Malvenor Grüen

Malvenor Grüen was a merciless Vaas warlord, hailing from the Vryne Clan, who founded the stronghold of Irondale in the early Fourth Age.

When he founded his stronghold, Malvenor gave himself the title: "Margave of Irondale." Thereafter, his descendants became known as the House of Grüen, and ruled the Stronghold of Irondale for centuries, until the conclusion of the Wars of Destiny. at that point, House Grüen were granted the title of "Viscount" and ruled the newly-established "Freehold" of Irondale

Eventually, the Grüen family's cruelty and wickedness caused a rebellion in Irondale; the result was the stronghold was broken into two competing Freeholds; Arkadia and Grüenwald.