King Osric Garigan

(Reign: 189-232/4) Garigan was the Eighth King of Amar, who invaded the East in the War of False Glory, which later caused a civil war within his own country called the War of Fear and Flame.

King Osric was a greedy tyrant who ruled Amar with an iron fist. After hearing of the Thannish expeditions to the Kratheri Peninsula and the vast riches being extracted from those newly-conquered lands, Osric became obsessed with jealousy.

Determined to carve out his own empire, the King ordered a massive invasion of the East in the Year 210 of the Fourth Age. The invasion served several purposes; to enrich the King, enlarge Amari territory, and outshine his rival kingdom of Eldara.

To complete this undertaking, Osric chose his nephew; Duke Elroth Penrose, to lead a huge army east over the Saugreth-Muir Mountains, and conquer those lands for the glory of Amar.

For 12 long years, Elroth and his armies waged a series of ruthless military campaigns against the eastern peoples. This conflict came to be known as the War of False Glory.

The war ended in the year 222/4, with Elroth's great victory at the Battle of Vilharen.

The Great Rebellion

After the victory at Vilharen, Duke Elroth returned to Amar a great hero. King Osric soon learned his nephew was as ruthless and ambitious as himself. Over the next several years, Elroth began making secret political alliances with Amari nobles in a plot to overthrow the King and install himself on the Brass Throne.

Many of these nobles had served in the Eastern campaigns and shared Elroth's ambition. They had scarce loyalty to King Osric.