King Osric Garigan

Osric Garigan was Eighth King of Amar, who conquered the lands of the East and founded a colony-kingdom there called Adar.

King Osric was greedy, violent, and slightly insane; and he ruled Amar with an iron fist. When he learned of the Thannish expeditions to the Kratheri Peninsula and the vast riches being extracted from those newly-conquered lands, Osric became jealous of the expansion of his rival kingdom of Eldara.

In response, he ordered his nephew; Duke Elroth Penrose, to lead a huge Amari army east over the Saugreth-Muir Mountains, and conquer those lands for the glory of Amar. In the year 232/4, after a long, and bloody campaign of conquest, Osric formally anointed Elroth as the first King of the eastern colony-kingdom of Adar.