Baron Osric Hathrus

Osric Hathrus is an expert bowman, current commander of the Kreskan Archers, and the appointed ruler of the Freehold of Kreska.

Osric isn’t what most would expect from a noble. Disheveled, dirty, and downright shabby in appearance, he seems to have fallen as far as possibly from the lofty heights of the Oramar; of which he is technically a member. In fact, most other nobles and wealthy Thanns look upon him with scorn, for his appearance utterly belies a man who just doesn’t care anymore.

Questions about his past life are ignored except on the rare occasions that he utters a low remark about "the cruelty of the world grinding you down to your very bones." After that, it’s back to either archery practice or brooding silence. Osric has been the commander of the Kreskan Archers for several years now; with a well-deserved reputation as a fearsome, quiet killer.

Few outside the Freehold of Kreska really know much about this rugged woodsman. Dirty, disheveled, and always quiet, Osric first wandered the dark forest of Ravenwood many years ago, and made a reputation for himself as an expert bowman. He later joined the ranks of the Archers and worked his way up the ranks through sheer ability and force of will. During his many military campaigns, his reputation as a warrior grew as well as the rumors regarding his mysterious background. Some said he was an escaped prisoner from a far off land, some claimed that he was a long-lost scion of Orellian nobility, others claimed he is simply cursed, or even slightly mad

Despite his current rank as Commander of the most prestigious Archery Regiment on Corwyn, Osric lives little better than a pauper and has few possessions— sleeping in the barracks of the Regiment, or simply spending the night alone in the woods. Some folks in town have said that he can often be seen just staring off into space — as if watching events that only he can see. The man has few friends, and is universally seen as aloof.

One thing has been said about Osric over and over; he’s protective of children. A few years ago, some children were playing in the outskirts of Ravenwood Forest when a bad storm came up. Most of them made it back save for one small girl who was scared of the thunder and hid. When the storm passed she was nowhere to be seen. The locals in Ravenscar organized search parties but to no avail. Fearing the worst, some of the elders said she was dead. The next morning there she was— sitting on the front steps of her parents’ home, looking tired but well-fed. When asked how she got home, she replied “the raggedy man found me.” After this, the name stuck and people in Ravenscar sometimes jokingly refer to Osric as “the raggedy man.”

Osric became so popular after this heroic act, he was quickly appointed "Baron" of the Freehold , and has held that office for several years now, in addition to his duties as regimental commander.