Parlfray Keep

Located at the southwestern edge of the Half-Cut Hills, Parlfray Keep is an important outpost in the Erindari Duchy of Haranshire.

The castle's garrison protects travelers on the Parlfray Road as it cuts through the Half-cut Hills to the junction with the Kingsway at the western edge of Notchblade Pass. From there, the main road travels east across the Withered Mountains, then arrives at the Erindar-Alveron border and the Rynnish city of Marigold.

The Keep is also accessible via the Haranshire Road, which leads west thru Haranshire to the settlements of Bedford, Milborne, and Haran.

The fortress has always served the Parlfray family for generations, putting down goblin raids coming out the Withered Mountains, Half-Cut Hills, and the Rockdale. Today, the Keep is commanded by Duke Lars Parlfray.