Shadow Pearls

The Shadow Pearls are the stuff of legends among seafarers and lore-masters alike in the Shining Sea region of Corwyn.

These pearls are roughly the size of a man’s fist, and all are uniformly a glossy, oily black. Staring into them results in ghastly images invading the mind of the looker, and some who have seen them can swear that they can hear the teeming howls of a mad jungle when they look too long.

Upon being activated, each pearl lets out a cloud of green, acrid, oily smoke that quickly spreads to envelop an area of several square miles. Those who come into contact with the vapors are subject to the effects of a plague called "Savage Fever."

The origins of the Black Pearls may be related to the Isle of Dread. For they were spoken of in the ancient carvings of the Olman people of Thanaclan. Many expeditions to the Isle of Dread and the Olman ruins located there have been undertaken in search of the giant "Black Pearls."

So far, these expeditions have had no success and ended tragically for all involved.