Penrose Dynasty

The Penrose Dynasty was the line of rulers descended from King Elroth; who founded the kingdom of Adar in the year 232/4.

The House of Penrose ruled Adar for 1,065 years and a total of forty-five monarchs sat on the Platinum Throne at the royal palaces in Sirilath and later Adarond. For many years the royal family of Adar maintained close ties with its sister-kingdom of Amar, but the family soon came under the sinister influence of Alokkair the Sorcerer and turned to evil.

The Penrose Dynasty came to an end when King Koroth II was slain in the Battle of the Dawn in 1297/4. A second Penrose Dynasty began when Koroth’s descendants later founded the eastern barbarian kingdom of Drakhara in the Fifth Age. Little is known of this lineage, except that the last monarch of Drakhara, who was also named King Koroth, became the first of Sorimmar’s Zûl. Not all members of this noble family were evil. In 585/4 of the Fourth Age, Adleroth Penrose left the royal court of Adar with his family and wealth and moved to what is now Derianor. Once there, he founded the city of Donareth, and Lord Tetragon Penrose founded the Silver Ravens.

The forty-five Penrose monarchs of Adar are listed below:

Elroth 232-271/4
Koroth 271-286/4 †
Alroth 286-335/4
Varoth 335-360/4
Amroth 360-399/4 †
Elroth II 399-428/4
Adleroth 428-440/4 †
Zoroth 462-489/4
Alroth II 489-531/4
Leroth 531-574/4
Elroth III 574-595/4 †
Desroth 595-619/4 †
Varoth II 619-646/4
Telroth 646-680/4
Adleroth II 680-711/4
Amroth II 711-755/4
Zoroth II 755-782/4 †
Ezroth 782-806/4
Adleroth II 806-837/4
Elroth IV 837-878/4
Desroth II 878-913/4
Makroth 913-944/4 †
Adleroth III 944-948/4
Varoth II 948-972/4
Zoroth II 972-1010/4
Elroth V 1010-1044/4
Desroth III 1044-1089/4
Alroth III 1089-1126/4
Makroth II 1126-1149/4 †
Varoth III 1149-1157/4
Telroth II 1157-1183/4
Amroth III 1183-1221/4
Elroth VI 1221-1247/4 †
Adleroth IV 1247-1270/4
Koroth II 1270-1297/4 †