The Pirate-King

The Pirate-King was an infamous leader of a fleet of Corsairs that plagued the Kingdom of Ralas for over five years, before he was killed in the year 1244/4 at the Battle of the Volnar Strait.

For many years, the, so-called, "Pirate-King" was the ruler of the city-state of Tar Vielca, although his true identity has been lost to the mists of time. The Pirate-King became fixated on conquering the Kingdom of Ralas, his only rival sea-power at that time.

For five long years during the War of the Corsairs, the Pirate-King's Corsairs plagued Ralas with bloody raids and surprise attacks upon its coastal communities.

Sages agree that, during the Battle of the Volnar Strait, the Pirate-King was aboard his flagship; the huge war galley Pillager; when it was rammed and boarded by the Ralani flagship; Queen Aricela.

When the warships collided, King Malenvar Sanborn III boarded the ship and shortly thereafter, the alchemist fire stored aboard the vessel ignited, destroying both ships and killing all aboard.