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Player’s Handout 1: NPC list

Town of Milborne: (Pop: 460)

1. Dirkaster the innkeeper of the Baron of Mutton, and his son Andren
2. Garyld the Constable
3. Haldelar the miller, his wife Parella, their daughter Jeleneth (Jena)
4. Walright the Blacksmith, and his apprentice Semeren
5. Semheis the local priest of Karmalok
6. Rastifer the store owner
7. Nafton the kennel master
8. Renly the ferrymaster of the Dragonfly
9. Baron Darius Carman, ruler of the Barony of Carmen
10. Cordell, the Baron’s bodyguard and assistant
11. Old Grizzler (dwarf), retired miner and adventurer

Village of Thurmaster: (Pop: 250)

1. Rikard the Wizard
2. Squire Marlen, village mayor
3. Weismar, the innkeeper of the Hound and Tails Inn

Village of Harlaton: (Pop: 175)
1. Rufus, the innkeeper of the Twisted Pitchfork

The Keepers of Haranshire
1. Oleanne the Druid
2. Krynen the Ranger

Parlfray Keep
1. Duke Lars Parlfrey, ruler of the Duchy of Haranshire
2. Loren, the duke’s son and aspiring adventurer
3. Erasmus, court wizard from the Veiled Society
4. Lafayer, senior cleric of Karmalok
4. Sgt. Marl (mustache) one of the Duke’s soldiers

Player’s Handout 2: Local Rumors

1. There is a wild-woman that wanders the woods outside of town, she lives with wolves and is a savage.
2. There are caves in the Blanryde Hills that could be home to monsters
3. The Slug was poisoned by Baron Carman
4. The locals swear that anyone who goes to the Rockdale never returns
5. The Hardlow Woods are haunted. There strange lights and sounds there at night
6. The Carmen family is cursed, first the Garlston Mine goes belly-up, now the “new mines” are dwindling and the new mire is growing, it already cost Denfast his farm.
7. There is a huge black dog-like creature that eats sheep and shepherds alike in Howler’s Moor.
8. The ghost of Lord Arstan Shrieken has come back to his sunken castle in the Shrieken Mire. He wants revenge against the Parlfray family.
9. Someone saw a green dragon flying over the marshlands to the southeast.
10. 4 farmers were found bludgeoned to death at the edge of the Shrieken Mire, huge footprints were found nearby.
11. A survivor from the kidnappings tells of the brigand leader was a fierce warrior with long fiery red hair and a facial scar.
12. Locals tell of pilgrims being grabbed by thugs led by a man with an eye-patch and black hair.
13. The Baron is responsible for the kidnappings, he is broke and is selling them to slavers
14. The goblins tribes of Rockdale have returned and are behind the kidnappings.
15. Some farmer saw a group of orcs cross his field several nights back.
16. Some tanner’s boy claims to have seen “blue-skinned devils” near the Patchwork Hills.
17. Andren and Jeleneth are betrothed; she is the apprentice of Rikard in Thurmaster.


The Blanryde Hills: These limestone hills are fairly barren, with only patches of grasses surviving the cold winds from the north. Even sheep grazing is difficult here. The hills contain many deposits of iron, copper, and, until recently, Garlstones.

The Carman Mines: Owned by Baron Darius Carman, these two mines employ about 80 miners, outside the actual mine entrances is a small shantytown of wooden bunkhouses, shacks, and cabins. The mines contain copper and iron, and the ores produced are the leading source of income for the town of Milborne and the Carman family.

The Slug: A 8-foot diameter shaft that drains water from the mines to the Churnett river. It is also used to get rid of wastes and silt deposits from the mines.

The Garlstone Mine: The Carman family's first endeavor, abandoned for over 20 years. In its day, it was far more profitable than the current lead and copper mines.

The Town of Milborne: This large settlement of 460 people is a thriving trading center community on the Churnett River. The town is the seat of Baron Darius Carman, a vassal of Duke Lars Parlfray. It is the second largest settlement in Haranshire after the city of Haran. The local tavern/inn is the Baron of Mutton. Locals tell you the name is an inside joke on the Baron's father; Lord Duncan, who was extremely fat and loved to eat more than anything. You are advised NOT to mention this within earshot of Baron Darius Carman.

The Ferry: A large wooden river-ferry named Dragonfly runs along the Churnett River between Milborne and Thurmaster. Its main cargo is usually sacks of iron and copper ores from the Carman mines, and travelers who do not wish to use the trail alongside the river which takes much longer. The Ferry master is named Renly, who operates it with his four sons.

The Eelhold: A small man-made lake, created by damming the Oldscutt River. The lake has a great quantity of large eels which are harvested by the locals and sold at market. In fact eel-stew is a local delicacy. The eelhold is also famous for unexplained waterspouts that occur at regular intervals, along with frequent mists that cover the entire lake.

The High Moor: A small region of grasslands ideal for grazing, but fear of goblins in the Rock Dale keep shepherding to the western half of the moor.

The Lyrchwood: This small forest is heavily logged, with many areas stripped of all trees. Locals have few complaints other than a pack of wild dogs that has been known to attack people in outlying areas.

The Terraces: A large hilly region of flat shaped rocks that form narrow ledges, which are ideal for farming. From a distance they appear as green "stairs." This is considered some of the best farmland in Haranshire.

The Village of Harlaton: This small settlement of 175 people is a gentle farming community at the foot of the Terraces. Its only inn/tavern is the Twisted Pitchfork. Most people from here are concerned with the growth of the New Mire and how it will effect crop production.

The New Mire: Up until a few years ago, this was fertile farming land. The area is constantly flooding, and the locals are mystified as to why, since Cutter's Brook has not overflowed. The farmers in this area are extremely worried about their future livelihood. One local farmer has already lost his farm and others may soon follow. The Baron has promised to look into the matter but so far nothing has been done.

The Great Rock Dale: A treacherous hilly region of razor sharp rocky escarpments, scrub trees, and deep caves. Very few humans dwell here, and it is rumored to be home to several goblin tribes. The locally famous "Battle of Rockdale" was fought here seven years ago. After a series of bloody goblin raids, the combined militias of Milborne, Harlaton, and Thurmaster, aided by soldiers led by Duke Lars Parlfray, defeated the goblins after a bloody campaign. One hero of the battle was the ranger Garyld, although he was terribly wounded in the leg by a goblin spear and has been crippled ever since.

The Hardlow Woods: This dense woodland is packed with thorny bushes, creeping moss, and poisonous vines. The terrain is virtually impassable in many places. Many locals fear these woods. They believe them to be haunted.

Howler's Moor: This desolate and barren moorland is suitable only for sheep-herding. Large flocks and their shepherds dot the landscape. Locals relate a consistent rumor of sightings of a large black dog with red eyes roaming the moors at night. The beast is supposedly responsible for the loss of many sheep and a few shepherds as well. It is also common to hear baleful howlings at night from the moor, but most locals will tell you that the howls are just wolves, not a great magical beast.

The Redwood: this small wooded area takes its name from the many fruit trees and berry bushes which make up the forest. It is a pleasant place for young lovers to picnic and take an afternoon stroll.

The Thornwood: this large wooded area takes its name from the many thorny bushes which make up the forest. The forest has a sinister reputation as it is thick and overgrown, making the interior dark and foreboding. Rumors persist of giant spiders and other strange creatures roaming the interior regions. The timber here is not valuable and there is very little logging except at the far northern borders of the forest.

The Blessed Wood: This wood east of the Woldcote River was once home to a sect of evil priests. 20 years ago, it was cleansed by the group of adventurers, who then had the wooded region blessed by a cleric, thus the name. This area has good timber for foresting and there is much logging along the east banks of the Woldcote River.

The Village of Thurmaster: This small walled village of 250 people is a declining community, with many abandoned buildings and a crumbling wooden wall. Its only inn/tavern is the Hound & Tails. The village was once much larger, and was the site of a terrible battle 46 years ago, called the "Battle of the Swamp". In this conflict, a ferocious lizard king and his tribe attacked the village but were defeated by Duke Lyonel Parlfray aided by a band of mercenary adventurers, who defeated them and drove the few remaining lizard folk from the Shrieken Mire forever. Over a thousand people perished in this conflict and the Parlfray victory greatly increased their stature with the Royal Court of Erindar.

The Shrieken Mire: A large area of swampy marshland. The region gets its name from Lord Arstan Shrieken, who had a castle near there 200 years ago. Legend says that he kidnapped a young daughter of the Parlfray family and forced her to marry him. She fled into the swamp and soon met a dark end. The mire has had a sinister haunted reputation ever since. The mire has grown over the decades and Arstan's castle has long ago been swallowed up and sunk beneath the surface. Some say it was a fitting revenge for the maiden he stole. Recently, the mire has a new set of problems. Four folk of Thurmaster were found bludgeoned to death near the edge of the mire. Huge footprints were found nearby. Also, local farmers swear they saw a gigantic green beast flying over the swamp. There have only been a few sightings of lizard-men, but these creatures seem to keep to themselves and have cause no trouble since the great battle 46 years ago.

Parlfray Keep: A large stone fortress built into the Half-Cut Hills. It is home to Duke Lars Parlfray; the Lord of Haranshire, and his family. The Parfrays are powerful Erindari nobility. The current Duke can levy more than 1,000 troops if need arises and keeps nearly 200 in his personal retainer at all times. The castle was built 185 years ago by Duke Elman Parlfray, and it is a major stopover on the road east to the city of Haran.

The Half-Cut Hills: Large rocky hilly region that is home to the castle of the Parlfray family, and serves as the eastern border of the Duchy of Haranshire. there is a rough trail that leads through the hills north to the Axehead Mountains. The trail runs north through Notchblade Pass, and leads to the Dwarf-realm of Orrek. The Pass is not as popular as it once was. Nowadays most dwarven merchants and travelers take the Axeway, which runs south to the Erindari capital of Chelstad.

City of Haran: A thriving city of more than 2,000 residents. It is the defacto capitol of the Duchy of Haranshire, and a major trading center of the Kingdom of Erindar.

Player Handout-4: Garyld’s Info:

Garyld introduces himself as the local constable of Milborne and gives you the following information:

- Garyld had a dozen militia soldiers, but eight were conscripted for the war, two were slain in an ambush, and only two are left. He asks you if your party would help him sort out things here in Haranshire. There are several major problems he does not have the resources to investigate properly.
- There have been seven kidnappings so far, including Jeleneth. Three were priests of Karmalok, two were priestesses of Ator accompanied by two men-at-arms and one was a young wizard apprentice on his way to the Veiled Society. All the kidnap victims were spellcasters and all were grabbed on the road in random areas of Haranshire. Twice the kidnap victims were guarded but it did no good, the two guards of Ator are still missing and two of his men were slain guarding the apprentice boy. Reports are confused, but witnesses say the bandits were led by a man with black hair and an eyepatch. Others report seeing a bandit leader with bright red hair with a long scar on his right cheek.
- Garyld believes Baron Darius Carman is not behind the kidnappings, but he is angry because the Baron will not lend any of his own soldiers to help out. Instead they are all assigned to guard either the Carman mines or the Baron’s mansion.
- He suggests that the party seek out the Great Rockdale because it had been used as a goblin hideout in the past and those same goblins might be behind the kidnappings. There are many small caves in the gorge that could be used as a hideout for human bandits or goblins.
- Four local farmers were found bludgeoned to death near the Shrieken Mire. Very Large footprints were discovered near the bodies.
- There are strange lights and sounds heard at night in the Hardlow Woods, the Old Grizzler knows all of the legends of the Wood.
- There are several sightings of a large beast that is devouring sheep on Howler’s Moor.
- A tanner’s boy saw “blue-skinned devils” roaming the Patchwork Hills.
- You may get additional info from the ranger Krynen, who lives on a farm near town and Oleanne a local druid who is very familiar with the wild areas of Haranshire. He gives you directions to Krynen’s farm.

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