Port Blackwell

(pop: 2,200) Located along the Wild Coast of Azoria, Port Blackwell is a important Kendari colony.

Strategically located near the borders of the vast Sanjaara Jungle, Port Blackwell has long served as a rest stop for vessels traveling the Shining Sea between Shard, Sasserine, and Stonehaven. The settlement, which is fortified with stone and timber walls, lies on "the Hook;" a rocky crag of land astride the wide delta of the Serpent River.

Located on both sides of the entrance to the Port's harbor are two stone towers. A large, submerged chain hangs between these tall towers, which can be quickly drawn across the harbor to block entry.

The Port is named for an ancient well, situated in the center of the town, which is lined with polished obsidian stones. The Port's only watering hole is the Green Man, a infamous establishment which is often frequented by sailors and explorers from across the region.

The settlement is currently ruled by Lady Juliana Terwall, an important member of the Kendarum.

Local History

Port Blackwell began as a small Kendari military outpost, and the Republic still maintains a garrison of 150 soldiers here to protect its civilian population. There is a squadron of warships from the Kendari Navy based here as well.

Legend of the Green Man


Legend has it; when colony was first founded, a small group of Ralani explorers, led by Axilar Sanborn, ventured deep into the jungle and there encountered a strange man-shaped being, covered in leaves and tree bark.

The creature did not give his name, but described himself as a being from the Feywild. He claimed to be the caretaker of a magical place called "Porphario's Garden," where he kept watch over all of the exotic species of plants and animals, many of them extinct in the Material plane. Like his many pets, he was happy to live in harmony with those not attempting to hurt the garden.

Axilar and his fellow explorers came to call him "The Green Man," and, even today, his legend is an integral part of the Port.

Expeditions to S'sserak

Port Blackwell has long been a starting point for ambitious expeditions to located the hidden ruins of S'sserak; the infamous lost city of the Serpent-Folk. Few of these expeditions have ever returned.