Port Blackwell

(pop: 2,200) Port Blackwell is a small Kendari settlement, located on the Wild Coast of Avokhar, bordered by the vast Sanjaara Jungle.

The settlement lies on a jutting rocky crag, known as "the Hook," near the wide delta of the Serpent River. It is heavily fortified with stone and timber walls, and a large chain is drawn across the harbor entrance, hanging between two tall stone towers, which are manned at all times by skilled archers.

The port is named for an ancient obsidian, stone well in the center of the town. One of Port Blackwell's most infamous establishments is the Green Man Inn; a local watering hole for sailors and explorers from the region.

Because Port Blackwell began as a Kendari military outpost; today, it is garrisoned by soldiers of Kendar. The settlement serves as a rest stop for vessels traveling between Shard, Sasserine, and Stonehaven, as they traverse the Shining Sea.

Port Blackwell is currently ruled by Governess Juliana Terwall; a beautiful Noble-woman and member of the Kendarum.