Port Keshlar

(Pop: 1,500) Located along the Wild Coast, Port Keshlar is the main base for Sasserine's small navy.

This thick-walled coastal fortress was erected by the Kendari, when they held dominance over the region. Today, Port Keshlar serves as harbor for Sasserine’s tiny fleet of warships.

A half-dozen seaworthy ships moor in the natural harbor beneath the fort’s protective ballistae, when they are not out patrolling the Shining Sea.

The Port's commander is Brandias; a fiery-tempered officer who holds the eradication of piracy in the region as a personal crusade.

Unfortunately, his efforts have been frustrated by limited men, resources, and ships, as well as by misinformation—much of which he fears comes from Crimson Fleet operatives living within his own base.

Over the years, a small settlement grew here, but it is not a major port-of-call by any stretch.