Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Glory, Good, Law
Portfolio: Justice, Truth, Law, Philosophy, Knowledge
Worshipers: Paladins, Judges, Nobles, Monks
Symbol: Scale
Praxis is Corwyn’s God of Justice and Law, and the patron-deity of many paladins.

Praxis is the son of Berevrom, the God of Truth, and is one of the youngest deities, being of the final generations of the Malkar.

Praxis was the offspring of a mortal wife of the God Berevrom, and wields little celestial power, but enormous influence over mortal men. Praxis is the master of all justice in the world. As such, he is also the Patron-Deity of laws, the courts, fairness, order, and civility among men.

His symbol is a great golden Scale, with which he weighs all disputes fairly throughout the world of Corwyn. Praxis is a just, fair and sometimes hard God, and his followers can be a dangerous foe to any force that would break existing laws or create disorder and chaos.

Praxis' followers wear dark blue robes to represent the strong and fair convictions of their master, and are usually warrior-priests, or sworn paladins. Praxis’s followers erect no temples as that would be against their natural order, but worship by enforcing existing laws and keeping order among the population.

His greatest known temple is located on the Avenue of Deities, in the city of Elsareth. The primary goal of the followers of Praxis has always been to serve the public good. Praxis’ chief rival is the chaotic Goddess Syneval.


Praxis has long served as the guardian and protector of the Vault of Athylon, a repository said to be crafted by the deity's own hand, containing all the treasures of the Malkar. He is also credited with guiding the advancement of the human races towards civilization. He is believed to be the son of Berevrom, the God of Truth, and is one of the youngest deities, being of the final generations of the Malkar.


Praxis is the son of Berevrom and a mortal woman and is one of the youngest deities, being of the final generations of the Malkar. Praxis strives to maintain agreeable relationships with the other deities, recognizing their influence is conducive to the further advancement of civilized life. In particular he cultivates strong alliances with Atanavar, Nyjev, Ator, and Enom, though differences in opinion often result in conflicts between Praxis and Karmalok. Ethenghar often opposes Praxis’ actions, though the Judge of the Gods only recognizes Nestor and Kagyar as true enemies.


Praxis is often described as an attractive human, with dark hair and wearing a golden breastplate. He wears a cloak and fine clothes, and is often depicted carrying the Scales which are his symbol.


Praxis and his faithful hold creatures that symbolize law and perfection in high regard. Of particular favor are eagles, hippogriffs, and griffons. One of Praxis' most famous servants is his Avatar: Lawgiver. This powerful figure appears as a human knight, clad in shining golden armor; carrying a scale in one hand and a great sword in the other. He uses both to dispense justice.

Church of Praxis

The temples of Praxis are designed to function independently of one another, usually serving a single community or region. The individual clergy are usually aligned with the local government, but are forbidden to fight amongst themselves and often take a strict neutral position during international conflicts. Worship of the Master of the First Vault is commonplace in the nations of Alveron, Ammarind, Derianor, Elyria, Erindar, Iskandar, Gwynne, Marundi, Orel, Rennsfar, and Serathyr.

Worshipers and Clergy

Praxis is primarily worshiped by judges, merchants, lawyers, and aristocrats, though many others turn to the worship of the Master of the First Vault in the hope of attaining wealth and happiness. The clergy of Praxis is primarily composed of clerics, though on occasion paladins are called into his service. In addition, justiciars dedicate themselves to spreading their deity's ideals of civilization and order. Mortal servants of Praxis work to forward the development of civilization in their communities, often serving as judges, lawyers, and clerks. Clerics and paladins of Praxis can prepare word of recall to return them to the designated sanctuary of the temple of their home city.

Temples and Shrines

Temples dedicated to Praxis are usually large, elaborately decorated buildings designed for multiple functions; in addition to being centers of worship, they often provide the surrounding community with banking and other services. Such sites are often built near courthouses, and led by a Banker or Archbanker.