Prestige Academies

The Prestige Academies were a collective group of colleges set up by the ancient realm of Sha'Dur.

At their peak, the Prestige Academies of Sha'Dur were home to an incredible array of culture, art, politics, and magical power. The Shadurians developed a university for every intellectual doctrine, and built many great temples dedicated to learning throughout the Shadurian capitol city of Garuda.

Collectively, these universities were titled; "Prestige Academies," and their institutions taught noble children from all over Avokhar for centuries.

One of tthe Academy's most famous students was Aristos; the historian and chronicler of Eloysia and the tutor to King Tilvanos, Queen Lorica, and Emperor Al'Dur Kharata.

The most powerful and influential school in ancient Garuda was the Prestige Academy of Magic, controlled by the wizards of the Iridescent Order.