Prophecy of the Raven

The Prophesy of the Raven was a vision experienced by Thromm the Invoker, which foresaw the rise of Alokkair and the birth of Ravinia.

For many long years, the Council of Sorcerë believed Alokkair had been slain at Orgorod, but eventually they came to the realization that he had indeed survived and was becoming powerful once again.

Around this same time, Thromm; the leader of the Council, had a vision. He foresaw a great darkness coming upon the west. He also foresaw a woman, bearing the symbol of a bird upon her body, who would lead humanity against the forces of evil.

Thromm quickly informed his comrades and together, they set about planning a response to the coming darkness. This came to be known as the "Prophecy of the Raven."

The prophesy was later confirmed when a sage named Mischa the Wise had a similar vision.

Recognizing this danger, the Council created seven powerful magical weapons to combat the coming darkness. These powerful swords were called the "Elanthir," and one was designated for each of the seven races of men.

It was thought that these weapons would unite the tribes of men together, which would be necessary in the coming fight against Alokkair. Although the race of Vaas refused the weapon, and instead two were given to the Thanns.

Believing the prophecy, the Saar also began work on the Orenthir, an artifact of unrivaled power that would be given to the prophesied one, once she appeared had proved herself.