Purple Mountains

The Purple Mountains are an enormous range that stretches east from the Greymist Hills to the Eldir Vaas River.

These mountains serve as the border between the Vaas kingdom of Elyria and its rival, the Ralani kingdom of Serathyr. The range also serves as the boundary between the Highlands and Southlands regions of the West.

The Purple Mountains are sparsely populated, except for a few scattered human and dwarvish settlements, located along its southern foothills, north of the Sea of Alyr. The only other settlements of note are several goblin and orc tribes that call these mountains home.

The name of the range comes from the fact that the region is usually overcast, and in the dim light, the dark gray stones of the mountains appear purple.

Within these peaks is the the Valley of Inen; home to the accursed region of the Burning Forest.