Pyramid of Velok

Enormous Vilzari temple to their moon-god Velok. The pyramid is located in the center of the Vilzari capitol city of Il’Vak. The pyramid has quite a sinister reputation, as over the centuries, thousands of victims have been sacrificed to the Vilzari Moon-God to appease him. The Order of Venhazzi, the priestly cult that runs the temple, is so violent that it is feared even by other Vilzari. The pyramid had been the source of many a legend due to its reputation as the holding crypt for every major Vilzari hoard of conquest for the last millennia. Over the centuries, many bold adventurers have died attempting to plunder the extremely well-guarded temple-pyramid, or to learn its ancient secrets.

What few realize is that the pyramid is far older than the Vilzari civilization built around it. The Pyramid was first built by the Shorafi people as a temple to Marzok, and was a centerpiece of the ancient realm of Shorafa.