Pyramid of Velok

The Pyramid of Velok; located within the city of An-Khara, is an enormous temple dedicated to the Moon-God of the Vilzari people.

This magnificent pyramid dominates the skyline of Vilzar's capital, and is considered one of the greatest man-made structures anywhere on Corwyn.

It is designed as a step pyramid and is completely covered in exquisite, black marble to reflect the Sun's power. Many intricate runes and glyphs are etched inot the surface, dedicated to various deities.

The temple's vast inner chambers hold untold plundered wealth from a thousand conquests and a hundred fallen nations. This gigantic treasure hoard is now held as tribute to Velok.

Over the centuries, the pyramid gained quite a sinister reputation, because of the thousands of victims sacrificed there to appease the Vilzari Moon-God.

In fact, the Order of Venhazzi, the fanatical group of priests which maintains the temple, is so violent and bloodthirsty that its clerics are feared even by ordinary Vilzari.

Over the years, the great Pyramid had been the source of many legends, due to its reputation for holding the booty taken in every major Vilzari conquest that ever took place.

In addition to unimaginable wealth, the temple is rumored to hold several priceless magical artifacts, including one of the Elanthir and one of the Dragonshards.

Over the centuries, many bold adventurers have foolishly attempted to plunder the pyramid and learn its ancient secrets. All have paid with their lives.

Because of its many priceless treasures, the pyramid is extremely well-guarded. Vilzari priests have placed many insidious, deadly traps throughout the structure to thwart intruders.

Local History

This ancient pyramid is actually far older than the Vilzari civilization built around it. It was first built by the Shorafi people as a temple to Marzok, and was a centerpiece of the ancient Empire of Shorafa.

In the Shorafi era, the pyramid was called the: "Temple of the All-Seeing Eye."