(population: 7,000) Qualar is a small seaport located on Vesarivon Island, along the coast of the Iron Sea.

The small city of Qualar serves as the capitol of the mixed Elvish and human freehold of Eryn Kahai. The city has a mixed population of both Grey-Elves, Wood-Elves, and Iskari, and is located on a rocky, secluded inlet on the eastern shores of Vesarivon Isle.

Here, all manner of exotic elvish goods are exported across the world, and that trade has made the city quite wealthy. Qualar is also important as it remains the only safe point of entry into Antharë; the secluded enclave of the Grey-Elves. Here, even the tides and weather are controlled by powerful elven magic.


It is well-known by sailors that the only safe passage onto Vesarivon Isle is via the port of Qualar. Powerful magical tides and other strange forces of nature will dash any ship against the rocks as it approaches the island at any other point. The most frequent traffic here is made up of elven ships, sailing from Greymeet; although there is a good deal of trade between Qualar and the Iskari city of Herath.