Qualons are a brutish race of gigantic, tribal humanoids, who dwell in the deep within the Sanjaara Jungle.

Qualons appear as giant humanoids with very muscular bodies and large heads, and skin the color of white chalk, covered with dark striping, many tattoos, and bizarre ritual markings. Their hair is long and black, braided from the top of their shaved heads and their eyes are fierce, bright red. They stand 8 to 9 feet tall and can weigh upwards of 500 lbs. Qualons wear only a loincloth made from pelts of jungle cats such as jaguar, tiger, or leopard.

Qualons are not affected by the steamy heat of the Sanjaara jungle, and have a built-in immunity to most of the jungle poisons given off by plants, vines, or those carried in the water. The only weakness of the Qualons is their innate fear of magic. Most Qualons use either spears, battle-axes, or great-swords when in combat.



The Qualons were first magically created and bred by the Iridescent Order, and served as shock troops for the Realm of Sha'Dur. Later, these humanoids were enslaved by the Eloysian Empire and again bred and trained as fierce warriors.

The Qualons, who had a well-deserved reputation for savagery, helped the Empire conquer nearly the entire continent of Avokhar. With the collapse of the Eloysian Empire, the Qualons reverted to barbarism. Scattered tribes of these large creatures still reside throughout the Sanjaara Jungle today.