Queen Myrani Elejar

Queen Myrani is the current ruler of the Grey-Elves of Starfall.

The Queen resides in the ancient Silverleaf Palace, and has reigned from the Veiled Throne for centuries. Most elves consider Myrani a wise and just ruler, and the queen's policies are remarkably progressive, at least by elven standards.

Although Myrani has made several important moves to end the isolationism that characterizes her elven nation, true reforms are still a far-off goal.

One major step forward was Myrani's establishment of Qualar, a settlement in which elves and non-elves can peacefully co-exist.

Myrani's vision has attracted many idealistic young elves to her cause. Despite her increasing popularity, however, Myrani is cautious in all her political maneuvers, as she still relies upon the support of her advisers and nobles.

Notably, both the Synfari and the Winter Council, have expressed displeasure with her "radical" thinking.

As of late, this internal political strife has created friction at the elven court.

The House of Elejar

After the House of Alessarë collapsed, the Grey-Elves who decided to remain on Corwyn chose the House of Elejar to rule over them. They named their new realm "Antharë," and its capital city became Starfall.