Free City of Quelaara

Capitol: Quelaara (population: 163,000)
Population: 200,000 (59% Eloysians, 17% Hakeen, 11% Kratheri, 10% Ralani, 3% other)
Current Leader: Shah Oli Makhar (NG 17th level cleric /8th level aristocrat)
Coat of Arms: Black sunburst on a bright red field, outlined in gold
Exports: arts, crafts, fragrances, textiles,timber, ceramics, silver, gold.

Once the second city of the lost Eloysian Empire, Quelaara is now an independent city-state in competition with its neighbors along the Bronze Coast.

The city of Quelaara is located along the southern coast of the Eloysian Sea, far to the west of the famed Seven Cities of Brass. The surrounding region is made up of fertile grasslands that stretch to the eastern Sha'Dur Mountains that separate the region from the Sea of Sand and the hostile Vilzari to the north.

Quelaara is called the ‘Free City’ because its laws forbid the owning of slaves by its citizens, and also forbid the trading of slaves within its walls or its territories. This city differs from the others along the Bronze Coast in that it has a sizable population of Kratheri, Ralani, Vilzari, Hakeen, as well as several other human races within its walls. Quelaara has become wealthy and powerful as the gateway between the Vhan Myr and the realms of Kendar and Al’ Hazra. The city is known throughout the world for its artisans, its enlightened values and culture, and its lavish lifestyle.