Montero Straits

The Montero Straits are a narrow body of water between the island kingdom of Rennsfar and the peninsula of Rastios, and once the site of a major naval battle between the fleets of the Ravinian Empire and the kingdom of Orel. The Straits can be deadly with churning waves, frequent storms and unpredictable currents. Nevertheless, they are one of Corwyn’s busiest waterways, as ships of Rennsfar, Serathyr, Melinarë, and Cyrendar ply them regularly.

Battle of Montero Straits

Naval battle in 596/5, between the fleets of Orel and the Ravinian Empire, ending the Merchant’s War. All six heavy squadrons of the Imperial Southern Fleet were caught at anchor and nearly annihilated. This battle was regarded as the greatest victory in the history of the Orellian Navy, which secretly sailed a naval force of 25 vessels around the Cape of Black Ice, and surprised the Ravinian Fleet of 42 heavy warships anchored near their home port of Rastios a few short weeks later. A total of 39 heavy Imperial warships were sunk for the loss of only six Orellian vessels. The legacy of this victory was that any further chance that Orel would join the Empire faded.