Magically created hybrid race, made up of both tiger & human. Rakshasa can be usually be found in the Sanjaara Jungle and coastal cities of Avokhar. These creatures are highly intelligent, and most have powerful magical abilities. For many centuries they were employed by the Eloysian Empire as military commanders called Myrmidons.


The origin of the rakshasa lies long ago, in the lost realm of Sha'Dur. In the ancient city of Garuda, a powerful group of wizards known as the Iridescent Order created a magical hybrid race of being, part great cat and part human. The result was a terrifying hybrid race of powerful magical beings. For centuries, the Rakshasa served heir humans masters in Garuda, the capitol city of Sha'Dur, ever plotting the downfall of their masters. In the third century of the Fourth Age, the Rakshasa made contact with a Eloysian noble named Tilvanos, the King of Eloysia. In return for their help, it was agreed that the growing kingdom of Eloysia (later to become the Eloysian Empire) would free the Rakshasa in return for the fall of Sha'Dur.