The Rakshasa are a magically-created race of hybrid, half tiger & half human creatures.

These creatures can usually be found on Azoria, living either deep within the Sanjaara Jungle, or in one of the Seven Cities of Bronze.

Rakshasa are highly intelligent, and most have powerful magical abilities. For many centuries they were employed by the Eloysian Empire as military commanders called Myrmidons.


The origins of the Rakshasa begin long ago, in the lost realm of Sha'Dur. In the ancient city of Garuda, a powerful group of wizards known as the Iridescent Order created a magical hybrid race of creatures, by combining tiger and man with sorcery. The result was a terrifying hybrid race of powerful, magical beings.

For centuries, the Rakshasa dutifully served heir humans masters in Garuda; the capital of Sha'Dur. But during those long years, the creatures constantly plotted the downfall of their masters.

In the year AR 237, the Rakshasa secretly made a pact with the Eloysian Emperor Mazur the Destroyer. In return for their help, it was agreed that the Eloysian Empire would free the Rakshasa from Shadurian slavery in return for the fall of Sha'Dur.

Unfortunately for the rebellious Rakshasa, they underestimated the cunning of Mazur, who did indeed destroy Sha'Dur, but then turned around and re-enslaved the Rakshasa for his own uses. The Rakshasa simply exchanged one set of masters for another.