The Ralani (Southlanders)

The Ralani are a human ethnic group, which originated in the Southlands region of Corwyn and founded the ancient kingdom of Ralas in the Fourth Age.

The Ralani first appeared in the later part of the Third Age.

At that time, they were only scattered tribes of coastal peoples who began to form small communities along the southern regions of Corwyn.

These coastal people called themselves the "Ralani" and by the early Fourth Age, they banded together and founded the ancient Kingdom of Ralas.

The Ralani became commonly known as "Southlanders," and they soon achieved a well-deserved reputation as great seafarers and sailors, who possessed natural prowess while at sea.

Today, the vast majority of the Ralani population is located in the nations of Serathyr and Rennsfar. Many Ralani have also made their home in the Reach.

Although in much smaller numbers, ethnic Ralani minorities can also be found in the neighboring kingdoms of Cyrendar, Elyria, and Erindar.

Much further south, the Ralani colonized the Savage Coast of the Continent of Avokhar long ago. They established the Republic of Kendar, and several, small city-states in that region. Today, hundreds of thousands of Ralani call the southern continent their home.


Ralani are usually tall and slender, with sharp angular features. Ralani men and women have predominantly black hair, rich olive skin and bright eyes of green, hazel, or grey.


Most Ralani are either sailors, merchants, or simple farmers. Ralani folk disdain learning and education, preferring strength and skill in their chosen profession.

Ralani believe their culture is the generally superior to all others, and that they brought "civilization to the barbarians of distant lands." This belief chiefly derives from the fact that the Ralani civilization is thousands of years old, the fact that the ancient Ralani explorers made first contact with the peoples of Avokhar.

Ralani arrogance is widespread in their society, and takes the from of bravado and machismo. Ralani people regard themselves as superior to other races, not by military prowess, but by having "conquered" their rivals through trade and clever business dealings. Ralani, show little outward arrogance, except for a deep pride in their culture and traditions.

There are strongly held class and gender divisions set up in Ralani society, with a person's station at birth playing a crucial role in how he or she is measured by Ralani society.

Although few Ralani speak openly about a strict class based system in their society; most Ralani live out their lives according to their station, risking social expulsion or even imprisonment if they do not adhere to societal norms.

Ralani, especially those dwelling in the lands of Serathyr, often view themselves as superior to all other other human races and even to those Ralani who dwell outside the kingdoms' borders; in either the Reach or the island-nation of Rennsfar.


Another aspect of Ralani culture is maintaining family honor and pride. Most Ralani view others and define other's worth by their achievements and her accumulated wealth.

The social classes of Ralani society are in order from highest to lowest; The Ruling Class, the Advisers, the Military, the Clergy, the Merchants, the Artisans, the Laborers, the Farmers, and lowest, the Servant class.

Only women are are allowed to marry above their social class and all such arrangements are strictly scrutinized within their culture.


Many Ralani are drawn to adventuring in hopes of finding quick wealth that will allow them to return to a life of luxury, and simply for the thrill of visiting exciting new lands and distant exotic locales.

Other human races view Ralani as carefree, risk-takers, pushy, and often rude. In truth most Ralani can be pushy and full of bravado, but they are devoted to their family and extremely loyal to their friends and colleagues.

Ralani men and women can easily become characters of any player class, but most prefer to become rogues, swashbucklers, and fighters


The Ralani people speak Ralat as well as common, and there are only three major dialects. Ralat is one of the seven original dialects of western men, and the language of the Ralani people of the Southlands region of Corwyn.

This language is most commonly spoken throughout the realm of Serathyr, Rennsfar, eastern Cyrendar, and western Elyria, as well as the Reach. Ralat is the one of the most widespread languages in common usage on the continent of Corwyn, and is commonly heard in every seaport in the known world.

In addition to Ralat, educated and noble Ralani people speak Iskan or Rynnish.



Common male Ralani names include: Alaron, Alexian, Ardolan, Argilan, Athrenar, Avner, Benthar, Byron, Dareon, Damron, Doran, Durendil, Ferenthar, Malenvar, Ronan, Saris, and Teldar.

Common female Ralani names include: Arianna, Azonia, Brianna, Dagmar, Ilvanna, Iskara, Lorelei, and Renora.


The Ralani race is divided into three major ethnic groups, all with distinct languages and customs: