Lost Kingdom of Ralas

The lost Kingdom of Ralas was the first united Ralani nation, founded by King Athrenar Sanborn; one of the famed Seven Champions of the West.

The kingdom of Ralas was founded in 31/4 by King Athrenar and ruled by the Sanborn Dynasty for 1,213 years until 1244/4, when King Malenvar III was slain during the War of the Corsairs, fighting the fleet of the Pirate-King of Tar Vielca at the Battle of Rastios. Ralas was then ruled for 678 years by the Montero Dynasty, until 625/5, when King Alexian II was slain at the Battle of Harkalad.

Ralas was then ruled by the Serati Dynasty for 558 years until the kingdom was overthrown and King Durendil II was killed in 553/6 during the War of the Celadon. Ralas was always a successful, thriving, sea-faring nation.

Ralas was the first civilization to make contact with the Eloysian Empire after King Axilar sailed south around the Cape of Black Ice in 379/4, colonized the northern coast of Avokhar and established the city-state of Kendar. The capitol of Ralas was always the large seaport of Rastios, which became fabulously wealthy from all the trade between the Ralani and the Eloysians. The Ralani kingdom included at its height several thriving colonies far to the south, along the Continent of Avokhar. The largest of these was the republic of of Kendar, followed by the smaller cities of Freeport and Sasserine.


It was this wealth that ultimately caused the destruction and break-up of the kingdom. By 553/6, Ralani nobles were fighting over the waning natural resources of the Celadon Forest and the sparse trade south toward the Ralani colonies located on the continent of Avokhar. This squabbling eventually led to an bloody civil war that went on for three long years. Finally in 553/6, the rival nobles in southern Ralas broke away and formed their own country called Rennsfar.

The remaining northern Ralani nobles on the mainland renamed their territory Serathyr. Ralas was the longest lasting nation of the original seven founded in the Fourth Age. The kingdom of Ralas survived the Corsairs of Tar Vielca, Alokkair, even Sorimmar’s Cataclysm and the destruction of the Ravinian Empire.

Today, the great Ralani cities of Rastios, Korthos, Tymor, and Alarë all remain, but with new rulers and two new nations. The great Tower of Athrenar was built by the Ralani Kings, but is now manned by the forces of Rennsfar. The coat of arms of ancient Ralas consisted of a winged red dragon on a black field. The kingdom of Ralas encompassed the territories of what are today the realms of Rennsfar and Serathyr, as well as parts of the Reach.