King Ramelos Whitacre
Reign: 1226/6–present
Coronation: 22 Ambyrmont 1226/6
Predecessor: King Miklos
Heir apparent: Prince Trystaine
Spouse: Queen Layla
Issue: Serena
House: Whitacre Dynasty
Born: 5 Kaldmont 1193/6
Religion: Neutral
Ramelos Whitacre is the current ruler of the Vaas Kingdom of Elyria.

King Ramelos has a reputation as a sour, unpleasant ruler, who holds grudges and trusts no one. He assumed the Darkwood Throne in the year 1226/6 as the ninth monarch of the Whitacre Dynasty.

The House of Whitacre is an ancient Vaas noble family which hails from the Vryne Clan.

Recent Events

Prince Valen, The King's younger brother, once served as the Royal Chancellor, but he was dismissed from that post nearly 20 years ago. The current Chancellor is Lord Holland, who presides over Elyria's Royal Council of Advisors.