(population: 48,000) Rastios is Serathyr's capital and largest city. It is located on the Pirate Coast, of the Sea of Ralas.

This immense seaport is second only to the Orellian seaport of Ordana, in terms of size, sea-trade, and wealth.

The city of Rastios is strategically located at the far-southern tip of Serathyr, at the terminus of the Olde Peninsula Road.

Rastios was once the greatest seaport of Ralas and the busiest in the world, but it is now in decline because of competition from Natharos, the island of Greymeet, and the busy Rennsfari ports to the south.

Despite the competition, all manner of human goods from Westvale Island, elvish goods from the Melinar Forest, and even exotic Eloysian goods from Avokhar still make their way through the vast markets of Rastios on a daily basis.

Overlooking the city from a massive slab of salt-encrusted rock, is the massive fortress of Iron Crown Keep; presently home to King Doran Hansafar II.

As one of the most important seaports on Oris; as many as 700 merchant vessels can be found in Rastios' sprawling harbor.

These vessels hail from the cities of: Alarë, Elsareth, Freeport, Kingsport, Natharos, Pikes Ferry, Sathay, Sasserine, the Seven Cities of Brass, Shard, Tymor, and Wyn Falas.

This grand city is currently governed by Duke Vharan Sternhelm.


In the early Third Age, the surrounding region was populated by tribes of the Mazareen; an Ralani ethnic group. The Mazareen established the city and it soon grew in both size and importance, eventually becoming the capital of the lost Kingdom of Ralas.