(pop: 7,635) Ravensburg is a small city which serves as the capital of the Freehold of Kreska.

Located along the banks of the Arkhona River, Ravenscar is an important, regional seaport. Every day, local merchants ships sail down the river to the Sea of Orel, carrying lumber and other commodities.

Because the city is situated adjacent to the borders of Ravenwood Forest, the city has also become a perfect haven for adventurers and thrill-seekers of every stripe. Many expeditions into the hazardous woods begin from taverns located in this city.

For its protection, Ravensburg is surrounded by a tall wooden wall of oaken timbers, and a garrison of the famous Kreskan Archers Regiment. This regiment has its headquarters and barracks within the city, and revenue from the hire of these mercenaries is an important source of revenue for the city.

In the city market, the famous Sablewood Bows are sold for extremely high prices. These weapons are hand-crafted from the famed trees of the Ravenwood.

The city is currently governed by Baron Mazrik Keane; who also rules the Freehold of Kreska.