Ravenwood; commonly called the "Haunted Forest," is a dense, dark woodland.

This forest was once a part of Gwynne, but the Kingdom lost control of the forest long ago.

The woods are wild, dangerous, and are seldom traversed. The forest is said to be home to packs of vicious wolves, and bloodthirsty undead creatures.

Out of superstition, most Thanns stay away, and the few Wood-Elves that dwell here ar are extremely wary of outsiders.

Ravenwood's most infamous landmark is the dreaded fortress of Castle Vilmartine; a frightful place of evil and death.

Even more ominous, this forest is the only known portal to the "Mistlands;" a fearful demi-plane of cold and shadows.

The Arkhona River flows south through the Ravenwood, on its path to the Sea of Orel.

In the far southern reaches of the forest, lies the Orellian Freehold of Kreska. Its capital of Ravenscar is located just outside the southern borders of the forest, along the Bloody Coast of the Sea of Orel.

The Freehold's famed Kreskan Archers craft their magnificent longbows from the unique and massive Sablewood trees, which adorn this dark woodland.