Commonly called the "Haunted Forest," Ravenwood is a dense and dark woodland.

This forest was once a part of Gwynne, but the Kingdom lost control over the region long ago. Today, the woods are wild, dangerous, and seldom travelled. The source of the danger are packs of vicious wolves, and roaming blood-thirsty undead.

Out of superstition, most Thanns stay away, and the few Wood-Elves who choose to dwell here are extremely wary of outsiders. Ravenwood's most infamous landmark is the dreaded fortress of Castle Vilmartine; a frightful place of evil and death. Even more ominous, this forest is the only known portal to the "Mistlands;" a fearful demi-plane of cold and shadows.

The Arkhona River flows south through the forest, on its path to the Sea of Orel. Along its route lies the Freehold of Kreska and its capital of Ravensburg.

The Freehold's famous Kreskan Archers craft their magnificent longbows from the unique and massive Sablewood trees, which can only be found in the forest. Every year, young Kreskans venture deep into the forest to find a suitable sapling to carve their precious bows.