Empress Ravinia Myrnäe; "The Immortal Empress"

(14/5 to 621/5) Ravinia Myrnäe; commonly known as the "Immortal Empress", ruled the Ravinian Empire of Corwyn for over 600 years, while wielding the Orenthir.

Empress Ravinia Myrnäe had both human and elvish titles: her elvish title was: Ora’ Anvalé Thelassarë; meaning "Immortal Empress."

Ravinia was born a princess of Alveron, who would later become rightful holder of the Orenthir, and claim her place as the long foretold ruler of the Ravinian Empire for over 600 years. Ravinia was the daughter of King Elgor Myrnäe II of Alveron and his elvish queen; Laarinel Ekryie of Melinarë. When she was born, her body bore the prophesied mark of a great bird, which signaled to many sages that Ravinia was one day destined to become the leader of the West. Despite several attempts on her life during her childhood, the prophecy eventually came true.

As a young woman in the year 35/5, Princess Ravinia soon came into her own as a brave warrior and leader, fighting alongside her father, King Elgor II, in the desperate battle of Baryn Valley. She was there, when her father was slain by an orcish champion in that battle, and soon avenged his death many times over. Despite this tragic loss, the battle itself was a great victory and ended the Unification Wars. That battle also paved the way for the future Ravinian Empire.

Ravinia assumed the Imperial Raven Throne in the year 44/5, and was granted the title of Empress. As the only ruler of the great Ravinian Empire, Empress Ravinia was able to start great programs and bring culture and learning too many civilizations throughout western Corwyn. The Empress ordered the creation of the Council of Theos to advise her on spiritual matters and created the order of Raven Knights to bring justice to the empire’s enemies and protect its citizens. She ordered construction of both the Salkröth gate to protect the West from invaders from Morgoth. Later, she ordered construction of the Kerak barrier wall to protect the southern regions of the Empire from the hated Vilzari.

Unfortunately, In the years 621/5, Empress Ravinia was betrayed and murdered by a knight named Malachar Vilmartine, who had been one of her closest advisors. After killing her, he stole the Orenthir and gave it his true master: Sorimmar the Necromancer.

Upon her death, the terrible events of the the Cataclysm took place, forever changing the Continent of Corwyn.