Ravinian Empire

The greatest civilization and cultural center in the history of Corwyn. The Empire lasted over 600 years and was ruled with grace and fairness by the Immortal Empress Ravinia, whose longevity was due to her possession of the Orenthir. The Empire was made up of thirteen kingdoms which yielded part of their sovereignty and wealth to fuel the many public works of the grand empire. These works included the great walled city of Arynäe, the Kerak battlement in the south, many paved roads and bridges, the Salkröth battlement in the east, and the dozens of other castles, palaces, temples and monasteries built by the Imperial regime to improve the living of its population. The capitol of the Empire was the large city of Arynäe. The empire had a peak population of nearly ten million. The Ravinian Empire’s coat of arms consisted of a white eagle clutching the Orenthir on a pale blue field. The Empire was destroyed though war and treachery by Sorimmar and Malachar Vilmartine of Gwynne; the ‘Traitor-Knight.’ The Empire fell during what came to be called the War of the Cataclysm which raged between 621-625/5. After the demise of the Ravinian Empire, the western regions of Corwyn fell into a dark age of anarchy.