King Raynor Del Vecchio; "Raynor the Cruel"

(Reign: 194-222/4) Raynor Del Vecchio; also known as "Raynor the Cruel," was the sixth monarch of his Line, who oversaw the bloody conclusion of the Glorious Conquest; begun forty years earlier by his father; King Aron.

Raynor's older brother, Prince Daghon was slain in the year 193/4, during the Siege of Jareesh. When King Aron died of old age, Raynor assumed the Amethyst Throne.

Like his father, Raynor was a particularly cruel and sadistic ruler. He amply demonstrated these tendencies throughout his reign, ordering the murder of tens of thousands in reprisal for attacks upon his soldiers and Thannish colonists; who, by that time, were settling on the newly conquered lands of the Peninsula.

Almost all of Raynor's reign was spent at war. Within five years of the fall of Jareesh, Thannish forces managed to capture the two largest remaining Kratheri strongholds; Jharë and Jhovar.

At that point, the Kratheri launched a desperate guerrilla war that lasted another thirty years. Legend has it, King Raynor was driven nearly mad with the stress and carnage that never seemed to end, and over those years his hatred for the Kratheri people grew ever more bitter.

To force his enemies to surrender, King Raynor ordered a escalating series of massacres and a ruthless campaign of crop-burning to starve out the local population. During his reign, hundreds of thousands of Kratheri men, women, and children were either murdered or died of starvation.

After the surrender of the last Kratheri stronghold in the year 219/4, the so-called "Glorious Conquest" finally ended.

Ever the petty tyrant, King Raynor then decreed that the entire Kratheri race was to be enslaved to serve the Thanns forever. Their pitiful state of bondage has endured to the present day.