(pop: 1,200) Redgorge is a village, located south of Caldera, in the Rockdale region.

Founded about 700 years ago as the first Ralani settlement in this region, Redgorge was at one time a much larger in size. However, it never fully recovered from a demonic assault long ago.

Redgorge sits on a narrow strip of flat ground nearby an immense quarry of red pebble gravel, which gave the settlement its name.

On the borders of the village, a ruined line of fortifications known as the "Basalt Bastions" once protected the settlement, but their massive walls are now abandoned and covered with vines.

These crumbling fortifications were built centuries ago by Surabar the Spellmason, to defend the newly-founded settlement against an impending attack by Nabthatoron, and his demonic hordes from the Demonskar.

Today, Redgorge is nothing more than a simple farming and mining village, with a population a fraction of its former size. Many of its structures are abandoned ruins. The settlement is home to a retired ranger named Ekram.

The village is connected to Caldera, via the South Road, which winds its way through the Sanjaara Jungle