(pop: 1,200) Redgorge was the first human settlement in this area, located about halfway between the larger cities of Sasserine and Caldera.

Founded about 700 years ago, Redgorge was at one time a much larger settlement, but it never fully recovered from a demonic assault long ago. Redgorge sits in a narrow strip of flat ground between a cliff and an immense quarry of red pebble gravel. West of the village, a prodigious line of fortifications known as the Basalt Bastions protect the land, their massive walls unguarded and draped with vines. These fortifications, as impressive as Cauldron’s outer walls, tower over the village itself. The walls were magically built centuries ago by Surabar the Spellmason, to aid in the defense of Redgorge against the Demon Nabthatoron, and the denizens of the Demonskar. Today, Redgorge is but a simple farming and mining village.

The old Stonemason's District, where Surabar himself once dwelt, is visibly depopulated and most its buildings lie in ruins. Redgorge is connected to Caldera via the South Road.