Battle of Relanoth

(1279/4) Relanoth was the site of a bloody battle between the northern kingdoms of Corwyn and the Vilzari, which ended the Third and final Incursion War.

During the battle, the northern alliance of Eldara, Orel, Rhodara, and Alveron, led the Vilzari army into a trap by pretending to have a large segment of their own infantry feign a retreat.

The Vilzari commander recklessly ordered a quick pursuit, and the Vilzari forces were then hemmed in on both flanks by thousands of Rynnish cavalry, then 3,000 Kreskan archers hired from Orel that had been hidden in the tall grass, unleashed the 'Red Rain;' a flurry of fast-fired arrows so dense and accurate, that it is said that more than 20,000 Vilzari warriors were slain in only twenty minutes.

After the slaughter, the Vilzari panicked. The alliance forces routed them and caught up to Alzakar's personal bodyguard, killing the Vilzari king. More than 70,000 Vilzari warriors perished in this battle, as well as nearly 25,000 northerners.

Both the Vilzari King Alzakar K’Noth and the Orellian King Rygar Alesard were slain in this battle, and the Incursion Wars came to an end.