Only found in cold, arctic environments, Remorhaz; also known as "Polar Worms," are monstrous beasts resembling a cross between a worm and a centipede.


Remorhaz are ice-blue in color, with dozens of legs, and a spine that glows red with an inner fire that can melt all but the strongest of metals. The creatures has horns along its body and dagger-like teeth, with tough, leathery wings (even they cannot fly), an insect-like head, and a 40 ft (12 m) scaly body. The creatures also possess an unusually high resistance to magic.


The Remorhaz produces an incredible amount of heat, allowing it to take advantage of the vulnerability to cold, that many creatures in its native environment possess. Its heat also allows it to melt non-magical weapons that strike its red-hot protrusions. Most Remorhaz prefer to wait in ambush for its potential prey. When a living creature draws near, the remorhaz will spring from the ground and attack. In combat, it uses its teeth or will swallow its opponent whole and subject it to its gizzard and fiery insides.


Some Remorhaz have sometimes been tamed by frost giants of the Northern Peninsula, who use them as guardians. However, because the Remorhaz are such wild creatures, they are likely to turn on their masters at any time. Remorhaz eggs have been known to be sold for the purpose of raising the creatures as guards. The Hüornen tribes have hunted these fierce creatures for centuries and used their tough, scaly hides to make both shields and armor.


The Remorhaz can be found in northern Marundi, the Northern Peninsula, Northern Wastes, Seltar Isle, and the Thalar Islands